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Homemade Creamed Corn: easy and delicious

This recipe evokes memories of my Nana's dinner table. She often had a skillet of corn cooking on the the stove top at suppertime.  This Homemade Creamed Corn recipe is easy to make and truly delicious..."good, ol' fashioned, down-home eatin'" is what we call it. I am not a fan of canned creamed corn, but this recipe is among my favorite side dishes! 

Homemade Creamed Corn: easy and delicious
Down Home Good Eatin'...Pork chops, Party Beans and Homemade Creamed Corn


Easy Game Day Snack Mix

The new football season is fast approaching at our house. The hubby's school starts its season Friday, and college football is coming right behind. Although the QB for our favorite college team is already out for the season, we love watching NCAA football (I'm not a fan of the NFL but the fellas are). Game day Saturdays are always fun due to the hype, the food, and, most importantly, the camaraderie. There are some that would argue that the food is more important, and I DO enjoy making these occasions festive by trying out new recipes and getting all the feedback. Although today's recipe is a great Game Day Snack Mix that goes really least at my's great to have around to satisfy that salty-sweet snack craving that hits from time-to-time as well. 

Ready for Game Day!


What's For Supper: Menu August 18, 2014

Now that school has started again, I am adjusting to our new routine, which means bringing back organization and structure. Everything goes a little haywire when we enjoy the freedom from schedule and routine during the summer break and the most visible victim of our laxness is the budget and that is due to the lack of meal planning. We tend to eat out much more in the summer ("Hey," the hubby says, "how about picking up takeout and heading for the park for an impromptu picnic?") and the budget goes out the window. So I thought I would hold my (our) feet to the fire (so to speak) by making my weekly menu part of the blog. I hope it will help inspire others that need to get budget-serious and maybe pass a new family-favorite recipe on as well.

Menu Plan for August 18th - 24th


Faith Comes By Hearing #50

You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.” -Isaiah 25:4a

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A Garden Stroll: Flowers & Vegetables

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Refreshing Fruity Beverage: Roy Rogers

A refreshing beverage is one of life's joy spots, like taking a nap, reading a good book, or a receiving a spontaneous hug from a child. It revives and stimulates you for another round. This summer we decided to experiment with some new beverages (we do not use alcohol, so these are called mocktails), and, since we love lemonades and other fruit-flavored drinks in the summer, I purchased a grenadine syrup (a staple at bars for traditional cocktails), Grenadine is a fruit juice concentrate and just a little adds a full, sweet flavor to the beverage. It can also be used to flavor water as well...which I believe may be healthier than the powder packets. The first drink I prepared was called a Roy Rogers after the wholesome, old-time singer/actor known as the King of the Cowboys who, coincidentally, grew up just a few miles down the Ohio River from our house. 
This new cooler will be a steady presence in our fridge for the remainder of the summer, and likely a movie night treat through the fall and winter.  


A Garden Stroll: Flowers and Vegetables

It's been awhile since we've strolled around the Shady Porch and talked about the gardens. We continue to add to the flower gardens, and we've been experimenting with the vegetable garden, as well...both with seed selection and water and drainage issues. I'll show you how things turned out this year so you can see for yourself our hits and misses.

Garden Time: Flowers and Vegetables