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Baked Salmon Casserole

This Baked Salmon Casserole is a perfect weeknight supper: quick assembly, with the aid of a blender or food processor, and it tastes great, too. I served ours with a wedge salad, making it a light, delicious meal... that everyone loved.  This recipe can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated overnight and baked the next day, if desired.  As a side note, a leftover piece of the casserole made a great lunch the next day, too! 

Baked Salmon Casserole
Baked Salmon Casserole... a light, delicious meal


What's For Supper: Menu September 15, 2014

It's been lovely weather here in the Bluegrass Commonwealth. We've had the air conditioning off, and the windows open for several days now, and, as they say, it has been great sleeping weather. My menu is starting to reflect the start of the seasons change with my plan to serve Soup On Sunday (yum). I'll be preparing both old and new soup recipes for our Sunday meals for the next few weeks. As you know, this is also the most popular time of year for those slow cooker recipes, and I am amongst the crock pot faithful. As always, I hope you find inspiration or a new family favorite in this week's fare. Have a great week.  

What's For Supper: Menu September 15, 2014


Faith Comes By Hearing #54

Psalm 1 Happy is the man that does not walk in the way of sinful men

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Homemade Italian Sub

Like many folks, when Friday night rolls around, we like to hit the local pizzeria for quick takeout. It is nice to have someone else cook occasionally, but once you think about the time involved and realize how much of your hard-earned money the local pizzeria is taking...well, we thought we could do better! One of our favorite menu items has always been the classic Italian submarine sandwich. We learned we could get all of the ingredients, including really good sub buns, at the local grocer...and we could save money and time! The great thing is you can serve these hot or cold, and, if you prefer, you can make it a wrap...same great flavors, way fewer carbs.

Homemade Italian Subs


Old Fashioned Chocolate Gravy for Breakfast

Homemade Chocolate Gravy is a family favorite from my Nanna's kitchen. I wrote the recipe in my cookbook as she dictated the ingredients and steps while she made some many moons ago. We still prepare it from time-to-time; it never fails to bring back wonderful memories. The only way I know to serve chocolate gravy is with hot biscuits and butter. My hubby did not grow up eating chocolate gravy and, as a result, he's not a fan...UNTIL...long after breakfast and the leftover gravy (if there is leftover) has cooled and set up; then he calls it pudding. 

Old Fashioned Chocolate Gravy for Breakfast
Breakfast favorite from childhood...Old Fashioned Chocolate Gravy


What's For Supper: Menu September 08, 2014

Like many folks, I frequently run into the issue of time when it comes to meal preparation - be it shopping, planning, whatever - and today is no exception. I can hardly believe it's Monday. Our weekend, featuring the hubby's annual trip to the alma mater for a football game, turned rather eventful and took us totally out of our rhythm, so I guess I have reason to be somewhat befuddled. This year, after the game he developed a health issue and spent the night in a hospital ER. Unfortunately, I was not with him on the trip, so I learned of everything after the fact while I fretted and prayed from afar. Thankfully, he is now home, getting follow-up treatment, and things are beginning to return to our normal. At times like these, I'm glad I make easy-to-make meals! I have never had designs on being Julia Child. I like preparing good food, but I don't want to be tied to the kitchen, either. I am glad I make food that allows me to be present with him, while preparing delicious meals we enjoy... and I think my menus reflect that. I hope you can find inspiration and maybe a new favorite recipe for your family. Prayers for a peaceful week for all.

What's For Supper: Weekly Menu September 08, 2014
What's For Supper: Menu September 8, 2014