The Shady Porch: Clock Repurposing Project


Clock Repurposing Project

I loved our living room clock due to its large leather-look frame and decorative rustic tacks. It made a statement on our living room wall and happened to be functional too!  I was so disappointed when it suddenly quit keeping time. Long story short, I tried everything to fix the clock but to no avail. So I purchased a new clock and some Mod Podge. I was determined to keep that frame...but as what, if not a clock?

I pulled out my crafting whatnot bins and found my arty mojo and here is the new wall decoration in our guest room.

Clock Makeover #modpodge #repurpose #clock #crafts

I used my Mod Podge and a gift bag ripped into strips (kind of like doing a collage but with the same paper) to cover the clock face. Then I cut the words Joy, Glory and Peace out of another gift bag I had saved and attached them around the center. The center area of the clock was raised and I added a round mirror, since I had one.  Finally, I was able to use some of the glass river stones and pebbles I had on hand and randomly hot glued them from the center out to the frame.
I really did wing it from step-to-step, but, in the end, it was a easy project. I love to repurpose things rather than throwing them away!