The Shady Porch: Tomato Harvest Coming - Sun Dried or Smoke Dried?


Tomato Harvest Coming - Sun Dried or Smoke Dried?

Zinnia #flowers #garden
Had to share my zinnia' 'em!
This week has been blisteringly hot for everyone and we've all fought to stay cool.  However, in spite of the heat, it's a wonderful time of year with all of the flowers, fruits and vegetables blooming and ripening.


I believe it's due to the heat that our tomatoes have yet to turn red...but boy when they do, we will be in "Tomato-ville!" We planted Better Boys, Honey Bunch (cherry) and Romas this year and our plants are heavy laden!

Better Boy Tomatoes #garden #tomato @greentomatoes
Better Boy tomatoes
Smoke Dried Tomatoes
I hope to fix the usual favorites; salsa, and marinara sauce, but my new plan for this season is smoked-dried tomatoes. According to everything I've read, you can use smoke-dried tomatoes the same way you use the sun-dried; in sauces, soups, pizza, salads and pasta. Simply reconstitute them in olive oil and then you can use the flavor-infused oil in salad dressings, pesto, etc. Looking forward to Tomato-ville time!

I got my idea from Boggy Creek Farm.


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