The Shady Porch: Friendship Door Decoration


Friendship Door Decoration

Since the 4th of July decorations have long since been removed, I've been thinking my front door looked rather uninviting. I wanted something that would be appropriate for any season (and really inexpensive). So, after digging through the craft bins, I found rub-ons with friendship sayings and scrolling embellishments and plenty of paper and Mod Podge. Using these simple articles as inspiration, I felt I was already half way to my new door decoration! It kinda makes me feel like MacGyver making something inviting out of odds and ends. :)


Here's the rest of the story...

Some of my supplies...note the clearance stickers!

I used Mod Podge to decoupage an artist canvas panel (these are sold in pkgs of 6 and cost about $1 each) using a pretty Kermit frog green tissue paper. I think this color looks nice against my brown door.
Covering the canvas panel

After the canvas panel was covered. I painted a wood letter 'S' black. Once it dried, I attached it to the center of the canvas panel using E-6000 adhesive.

I cut out the rub-ons and played around with them until I decided what words I wanted to use and where I wanted to place them.

After attaching the rub-ons to the canvas panel, I thought it looked too tiny for my door so I took a Dollar Tree picture frame and removed the glass and filled in the frame with black scrapbook paper. I then glued the frame to the back of the canvas panel.   Finally, I glued and stapled a ribbon to the picture frame and canvas panel to hang it on my door. I had to staple the ribbon several places on the frame and canvas panel to make it hang flat against the door and not pitch forward.
Placing and applying the rub-ons
I didn't like the hanger showing, so I took a butterfly decoration I had been given in a package of 3 (thanks again, Barb, for the crafting goodies) and revamped it by painting it and adding gem beads using Mod Podge and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Dimensional Magic coated and encased the beads to help hold them to the butterfly wings. We also added felt tabs to the frame corners to prevent scratches to the door.

Revamped version on left - original on right
My new door decoration is very affordable and much nicer than a plain brown door! More importantly, I hope it conveys our joy of having family and friends over even before we can answer the door! WELCOME!

Welcome...the more the merrier!