The Shady Porch: Oh Joy, Joy, Joy!


Oh Joy, Joy, Joy!

We all derive joy from different of mine is cookbooks. I collect them and they serve as my inspiration in the kitchen. I feel like a chemist or scientist when trying a new recipe since I rarely follow the directions...exactly. 
Anyway, my hubby surprised me today with a new revised edition of, "What's Cooking in Kentucky!" It literally brought tears to my eyes. First, for sentimental Nan bought a copy for mom and me back in the 70's and I still use it today. The pages are stained, especially the Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet cake page and I have great memories of cooking with Nan and mom using that old cookbook.

Secondly, my hubby is the best! He stopped by the Jesse Stuart Foundation today; it's one of those places you see everyday but have never taken the time to visit...well, today he decided to stop in. And because he is attentive, he recognized when he ran across something that would be precious to me and he surprised me with it. What girl wouldn't love that? Thanks sweetheart!

The new version of "What's Cooking in Kentucky"(1994), has several new sections: Measurements, Conversions, Definitions and Equivalents; Appetizers, Beverages and Breads; and Menus For All Occasions. The old favorites are still included - Breads & Rolls, Main Dishes, Vegetables & Cheese Dishes, Salads & Dressings, Desserts & Pastries, Cakes & Frostings, Candies & Cookies, Pickling & Preserving.

Needless to say I love this cookbook and I really do recommend it!

It's good down home cookin'