The Shady Porch: Do-It-Yourself Leafy Wall Plaque Set


Do-It-Yourself Leafy Wall Plaque Set

Two plaques down and two to go....
I was looking for inspiration and ran across a four plaque set featuring leaves at Touch of Class® that I liked, so I thought, "Why not make my own version?" I picked up a package of artist boards at Hobby Lobby, got out the paint bin, and went to work.

There are plenty of leaves on our property here, but I went to the Internet to find ones that I liked and I wanted each plaque to have different kinds leaves. Once I found the images, and decided on colors, it took some time until I was satisfied with my paint job, but finally I ended up with a wall set I like. Although I rarely paint anything but walls or something requiring a spray paint, I enjoyed the project. I've learned when doing this sort of painting, if at any point, you don't like it or you get tired of it...just paint over it and start anew. Paint is pretty forgiving and that is just my kind of project!

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My leafy wall plaque set
I glued jute to the backs of the wall plaques to attach them to each other and then I tied them to tree branches at the top and bottom. I plan to use the branches to help me hang the set. Who knows.... come spring, I may take it down and do a flower set. 

I think I have about $12 tied up in this project and the set I saw on Touch of Class® was around $80. I can't help but smile when I look at this and think of the money I've saved (and the fun I had
doing it)!


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