The Shady Porch: National Smores Day!


National Smores Day!

I didn't know there was National S'mores Day until yesterday...and I probably wouldn't have noted it except for the fact that my hubby brought home gigantic roaster marshmallows, and it seemed like we had been unconsciously preparing for the day. So in honor of National S'mores Day, we decided to celebrate with a new S'mores recipe. So new in fact, that now, some time after our project is completed, the recipe itself may still be unfinished!  

We made a S'mores Pie. We were hanging our hat on the longstanding belief that - as far as a recipe goes -everyone has their favorite version...and now that this one exists, other versions are welcome!

We started with a chocolate graham cracker pie crust, figuring to combine two classic S'more elements. We cranked it up a notch with a layer of peanut butter ice cream, then a layer of marshmallow cream and topped it with milk chocolate chips. Then, a few minutes in the fridge (freezer, actually...we were afraid the ice cream would soak the crust too much if it melted) and we were ready for a taste test.

It was good, but it would have been nice if one of us had remembered how hard marshmallow cream gets when it is cold...that was the only complaint. In fact, the most memorable comment was, "Can I have S'more pie?"  Hahahaha....Happy S'mores Day, everyone!


In retrospect, I think our recipe can be improved upon and I wanted to share it here in case you don't read the COMMENTS below.

I would put the choc. chips down first on the chocolate graham cracker crust, then I would use real marshmallows (mini or regular). I would then toast it to melt/brown the chocolate and marshmallow combo and then add the ice cream right before serving. This change is needed because I really didn't like how hard the marshmallow cream got on our pie. :)