The Shady Porch: Repurposed & Restyled from Crate to Table


Repurposed & Restyled from Crate to Table

In an earlier post, I mentioned finding this wrought iron crate during one of my thrift outings (less than $5). I loved it just the way it was, but couldn't really decide how I wanted to use it.  Later, while working with a pair of ornate candle holders I had also purchased on that same outing, one of them broke into two pieces. I was bummed and for some reason I didn't throw it away immediately and that delay allowed me to find a purpose for the broken candlestick that would also address my issue with the wrought iron crate. 

I decided to use the broken candle holders as legs for my crate, creating a new table for my front porch! I broke the second candle holder in the same place as the first to make the legs even (no small feat)! Then, I painted the candle holders with a creamy-colored spray paint that echoed the color of the crate. Once the 'candleholder' legs were added, I turned the crate on its side so I could use it as storage or display and placed a frosted piece of plexiglass on top to support our beverages or candles.

This crate is my favorite finds of the summer, and it will serve many purposes (and take on many looks) in the future.


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