The Shady Porch: Duct Tape Flowers with Feathers & Pearls


Duct Tape Flowers with Feathers & Pearls

Today I was inspired to use my new duct tape! Check out all the neat prints you can get now. If it's possible, duct tape just got cooler! I am sure some Senior is going to make a really awesome prom gown out of this stuff!

Anyway, I ran across a tutorial showing how to make flowers out of duct tape. While working on the flowers, I thought this would be the perfect craft to restyle some knock-off Kate Spade handbags I found at our local Goodwill store. 
Clip-on Duct Tape Flowers  #crafts #fashion #feathers #flowers
Clip-on Duct Tape Flowers with Feathers and Pearls

Duct Tape with prints and patterns
Duct Tape with prints and patterns!
I embellished the duct tape flowers with feathers and pearls to help bling-it-up. I love them! I also added alligator clips to the back so you can clip them to your handbag, hair, backpack, boots, and lapels...anything,
really. You are only limited by your imagination. 

Here's how they turned out!

clip-on patterned Duct Tape Flowers #crafts #fashion #feathers #flowers

By the way the tutorial that I used to craft my flowers was from How Joyful!

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