The Shady Porch: Washer Necklaces & Keyrings


Washer Necklaces & Keyrings

This craft project was one of the first I tried when I started blogging.  Simply using metal washers you can create beautiful necklaces and keyrings. There are lots of other craft bloggers that have made these and I think they all look amazing!  Well, I had to try it for myself! It may sound odd, but there are a few things to learn to get them to look good enough to wear. I'll briefly make note of the steps involved and, if anyone has questions, I am happy to answer them.

I purchased my washers at Lowes where they come in a wide variety of sizes and types (and are really cheap!) To convert the plain metal washers to a necklace required selecting some paper (ornamental, notebook, tissue), I think you could use any of these. 
DIY Washer Necklaces  #crafts #DIY #jewelry #washers #necklace #keyring
I think paper selection is the most important step in the process and this is where I made my first mistake. I used paper with writing on it and, once it's cut to fit the washer, the words are now random letters unless you're lucky. (NOTE - You can also use nail polish instead of paper to cover your washer and it looks really pretty, too.)

I used Mod Podge to attach the paper to the washers. Once the paper is affixed to the washer, the range of embellishments is only limited by your imagination. Use glitter glue or crafting gems, whatever strikes your fancy...this is where your creativity can take over! 

DIY Washer Keyring  #crafts #DIY #jewelry #washers #necklace #keyring
Washer Keyring
Once embellished, to add a glassy finish that sealed everything to the washer, I used Dimensional Magic by Plaid (found at Hobby Lobby), but other bloggers have used Liquid Glass. You should follow the directions on the product you purchase...making sure you smooth it to the edges of the washer so the surface is covered completely and to eliminate air bubbles. Adhere to recommended dry times.

To finish off, the edges must be smoothed using a finishing file to remove the edges of excess paper and Mod Podge. Next, choose your cording, ribbon or rings to make your necklace or keyring. Again let your inner designer come out and add beading, feathers or buttons to further enhance your new piece of bling.

Have fun!