The Shady Porch: A Basket of Zinnias for My Door


A Basket of Zinnias for My Door

Our temperatures are dropping and they are actually using the dreaded frost word in the coming forecasts....brrrr. I love the changing seasons, including winter, but I have no love for the cold. In my perfect world, we would have ice and snow, but the temps would never dip below the 50s and never exceed 80 - don't ask me how that would work ;)  ...and while I'm at it...there would be no such thing as humidity, either.

Honestly, I trust God's design in which all of these things have a purpose, so I will give Him thanks for everyday, regardless of the chilly temperatures. 
Basket of my Zinnias

Having gotten that off my chest ;), I decided to cut some of my beautiful zinnias from the garden and use them in my fall door basket before the frost could claim them. Our flowers this year have been show stoppers and I hate to see them go...fresh flowers never fail to bring a casual serenity to any setting. These are actually starting to fade but they still look spectacular! 
Basket before paint &  flowers 

Pine cone petals and faux pearls 
make these cute flowers

I dressed up a little basket that I had on hand by painting it white and then dry brushing some black over it to highlight the weaved pattern. I took apart a couple of pine cones and painted some of the pine cone petals black and left some natural. I used the hot glue gun to form flowers and then embellished them with faux pearls in the center. I hope it says Howdy and Welcome to all that come to my door! 

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