The Shady Porch: Fall Subway Art Pumpkin


Fall Subway Art Pumpkin

First, I have to take a minute to tell you how much I love the new web site Pinterest (this is a link to my Pinterest boards)! In case you haven't heard, Pinterest is a place for you to virtually pin, categorize and share all of your favorite web finds via pictures. That being said, Pinterest is where I found today's inspiration. The pinned project was from Today's Fabulous Finds. I have been trying to fall-ify (autumn-nicate?...) the house and when I saw this piece of fall subway art I thought it was unique and fun, so I decided to make one for myself! Subway art is very popular at the moment and today I discovered how easy it is to do.

Fall Subway Art Pumpkin

Inspiration from Today's Fabulous Finds
First, I used Microsoft Power Point to make the subway art. Power Point allows you to orient your text in various ways which is the main hurdle in doing subway art. I also used some of the clip art to help punch up the fall theme, using leaves and a candied apple. You can also manipulate text color and text outline to suit your desired color palette. Once I figured out what words I wanted to use to define my idea of fall, I printed it using my ink jet printer and Grafix Rub-onz Paper.

I took an artist board and rubbed on the fall subway art I'd just created. It turned out great! I had never used this transfer paper until tonight. I am so excited about all the things I can do with it now! After transferring the art I took one of my scrap packs of papers and used Modge Podge to make a color block border on the sides. I also took a second artist board and color blocked it with paper scraps in fall colors.
Backside view
The next step was to attach the two artist boards and I used pieces of wood branches that we recently acquired while pruning. I hot glued one on top to create a stem and the rest of the pieces went around the sides and on the bottom and now the Fall Subway Art Pumpkin stands on it's own.

Finally, I added a bit of dried moss over the top and partially down the sides as well as some silk leaves. I finished it off with a jute bow tied around the stem.

It was moderately difficult to do this project due to the learning curve using the Rub-on paper and trying to hot glue the moss between the artist boards (got my first glue burn blister of the year). Of course, if you are not familiar with Power Point or don't have access to it, I think magazine cut-outs or any word processor words printed and cut out would also look awesome...just Modge Podge them to an artist board, canvas, tile, or whatever you decide to use. Just be creative!