The Shady Porch: Game Day Wreath


Game Day Wreath

I've been looking forward to the coming college football season. A new coach, a new quarterback, and some changes in the conference, but one thing will never change...we will always be fans! In anticipation of the season kick-off, I decided to add to our game day decor with a school-spirited door wreath.

There are so many ways to go when making a wreath. For instance, you could use grapevine, foam, or wire foundations to get started. Then the wreath itself could be fabric, ribbon, or painted pine cones to name a few of the possibilities.  Embellishments are what make the wreath and again there are countless choices.

Team Wreath #wreath #ribbon #crafts #football #team #door #DIY
So I started with a styrofoam base, and covered it in red ribbon. Then I took red and white metallic curling ribbon that I bought at the Dollar Tree, and cut them into 8-10 inch sections. Next, I bundled 8 of the cut pieces together using another piece of ribbon. Once I had my tied bundles of red and white ribbon, I went back through them and curled them using my scissors.

Next, I used my hot glue gun to attach the curled ribbon bundles to the styrofoam base. (Be sure to have a popsicle stick to save your fingers from hot glue blisters!) Once you've covered the wreath form, it is time to decorate it!
I purchased some wood letters, and I painted them black. I used a paint pen and wrote cheers on them. I painted an wooden oval to resemble a football and then I added some buckeyes using beads and felt leaves. Finally, I took a Brutus Buckeye that had originally been on a key chain and I glued him to a strip of red burlap and ran it down the middle of the wreath. I spent about $10 to make this wreath, since I had to buy the foam form, 4 spools of curling ribbon and the wood letters/oval.
Team Wreath #wreath #ribbon #crafts #football #team #door #DIY

I am excited about the game tomorrow. Now I can't wait to hang our OSU wreath on the front door while the hubby sets up the inflatable Brutus and hoists the Buckeye flag.

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