The Shady Porch: Rustic Fall Centerpiece


Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Resistance is futile. (Yes, I was/am a Star Trek fan). So I have assimilated into the collective and have gone into full-blown fall decorating mode. There are so many inspiring fall projects that I have admired in bloggy land that I had no choice but to join in!

Twig Candle Holders
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This particular project was all about timing, I saw a rustic twig and candle decoration at Fossil Life Style Blog and it reminded me that I had a bundle of branches at my disposal due to a recent pruning project in the yard.
Rustic Fall Centerpiece
Using the branches from the yard project, I opted to make a centerpiece for the kitchen table. I took one of my empty coffee cans and painted it brown to prevent the shiny silver from showing through. I then hot glued my cut branches to the can. Obviously, a very easy project. The real hard work was on the one that had to prune the trees; my part was simply utilizing the refuse of that chore.  I took a strip of burlap and tied it around the can to dress it up a bit, although I wanted to maintain the rustic appearance that the branches present.

Once again I turned to the Dollar Tree to get my artificial flowers to fill my new rustic...vessel? container? can. 

I used a large coffee can for this project because I have plans to set a potted mum down in it at a future date.  For now the 4-5 bundles of artificial leaves and flowers look great.

To finish up the table scape, I added a bit of burlap and scattered some artificial leaves (thankfully, we have some time before the leaves actually turn and fill the yard).   

I am happy with the outcome. I love that the the project was nearly free! My only expense was the artificial flowers and leaves...another great project for about $5!

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