The Shady Porch: Versatile Red Burlap Wreath


Versatile Red Burlap Wreath

I fell in love with a red burlap wreath I saw recently and  immediately thought of all the ways I could use this wreath...Christmas, Game Day (Scarlet is one of the OSU colors), Valentine's Day, and all the patriotic holidays. I planned to make the red burlap wreath as a foundation using hot glue and then all of the adornments would be affixed in such a way that I can easily remove them and redecorate according to the season or event!
I bought a yard of red burlap at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. I had a 12 inch styrofoam wreath from the Dollar Tree ($1). A $5 wreath that I can use over and over again makes me very happy!
Red Burlap Game Day Wreath
I cut the burlap into 3 inch squares (approximate). It took about 1/2 of the yard, maybe a little more. I painted the green styrofoam red to make sure it wouldn't show through. Once the styrofoam was dry, I folded the burlap square from opposite corner to opposite corner, creating a triangle, then I folded that in half creating a smaller triangle.
Hot gluing burlap squares to the styrofoam foam
Holding the triangle at the wide top I applied hot glue to the inside fold and to the tip of the piece. I then attached it to the wreath form using my popsicle stick to hold it in place until set. My wreath was wide enough that I applied 2 pieces side by side to cover the wreath surface.

I continued going around the wreath attaching the burlap pieces until completely covered. The burlap does fray but I think that is one of the wonderful traits about the material. It makes it rustic or, as some might say, "shabby chic." I then took several scrap strips I had from cutting out the squares and covered the outer edge of the styrofoam...just because I could...why waste even the scraps? It made the wreath look more finished than the painted edge did.
Yo-Yo Rosettes
Next step was adorning the wreath and, since we are in Game Day mode around here with the start of NCAA football (SEC [UK] & Big Ten [OSU] fans), I opted for the OSU decorations for this week. I keep seeing these Yo-yo Rosettes everywhere in the blog world. I remember making these ages ago. Now you can buy Yo-Yo material with complimentary fabric prints already printed in cut-out circles.
Felt backing added to rosettes with hot glue
The package makes 86 2-inch rosettes and full price is @12.99. It is pricey, so I recommend catching them on discount. I attached the Yo-Yo rosettes to felt with hot glue so I could just stitch them to the wreath as a unit. Then I added a wood football by hot gluing it to a piece of remnant bandanna and tying it to the wreath.
Finally, to hang the wreath I took a black bedazzled bandanna and looped it through the wreath and tied it at the top and secured it with a black ribbon.
We're ready for another game day!

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