The Shady Porch: We Won The Crazy Cooking Challenge!


We Won The Crazy Cooking Challenge!

Family, Friends, Blog Buddies and everyone else that voted for me...Congratulations!

We Won the 1st Crazy Cooking Challenge!
Check out the Winner Announcement here.
This challenge was for the Ultimate Mac-N-Cheese Recipe, and I found the winning recipe at  We Heart This...thanks for sharing it Krista!
I started my blog journey just 84 days ago. It has been fun, frustrating, and now a very rewarding adventure.  I am so overwhelmed by the number of votes my entry received and so thankful that I have so many encouraging people behind me! I hope you will continue the blog journey with me here or through my Shady Porch Facebook page.
Thank You!
Thanks Tina at Mom's Crazy Cooking for hosting this fun challenge. 
 If you want to know how to get in the next challenge check out Tina's link above.

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