The Shady Porch: Framed Pine Cone Owl


Framed Pine Cone Owl

This past weekend was a beauty, and that, coupled with the opportunity to be with long distance family, energized and motivated me to create something.  I've mentioned before that I have a huge bag of pine cones and, if you've read much of my blog, you know that they keep creeping into various projects. 

Pine cone Art: An Owl by The Shady Porch
Hooty the Owl
When I made the pine petaled napkin rings, I kept thinking the petals could look like feathers and this weekend I finally tested my theory. I started ripping apart my pine cones with a vision of creating an owl. I guess I zeroed in on all the owls that have been popping up in the fall blog parties, plus, I had some branch pieces that reminded me of owl eyes.

Hooty outline
Not wholly confident in my own artistic ability, I printed an owl photo I liked from the web. Using the owl template, I drew an outline on the glass of a Dollar Tree picture frame. I had already painted the backside of the glass white. It gave me a starting point, in the end they really look nothing alike.  The outline is of a barred owl, but mine is species unknown.

I started at the head and worked down
Using my hot glue gun and the pine cone petals, I  started working down from the owl's head, attaching the petals around the two branch circles that formed the eyes. Using the picture as a guide on different sections of the owl, I would flip the pine cones petals in different directions to give the appearance of long feathers-vs-short feathers, and tail feathers-vs-wings. 

When it came time to make a beak and talons, I cut pieces of wood from the branches using jewelry nippers. I used an Elmer's Painters marker, to paint the talons and the owl's pupils black for more contrast.

Leaves, branch pieces, pine cones, jewelry 
nippers & pliers
The branch the owl sits on was made using actual bark from branch pieces I had on hand from yard work (remember the Rustic Fall Centerpiece?). I simply stripped the bark off the dried wood and glued it to the glass. I included some Mod Podge-enhanced leaves from my front yard to adorn the owl's branch; I think they add needed color. All parts of this project are attached using hot glue. Everything in the composition of the ow
l and branch is from various tree parts.

This was a fun project and I am still dreaming of things I can make using pine cones!
Pinecone Art: An Owl by The Shady Porch
I like the pine tar on some of the pine cone petals...
it just adds to the illusion of feathers.

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