The Shady Porch: Pine Cone Flowered Napkin Rings


Pine Cone Flowered Napkin Rings

After looking at some of Martha Stewart's pine cone crafts recently, I was intrigued by how she took the pine cone apart and used the petal (I think it's actually called a bract, or scale, but I like petal better!) to cover picture frames, adorn place cards, and even make napkin rings.

Loving any excuse to drag out my bag of pine cones (yes, I have that many), I set out to make some napkin rings of my own. I have been saving paper towel tubes for a while now, and they are perfect as my napkin ring base. I didn't want to just paint the cardboard so I went through my ribbon bin and found...ta-da...glitzy ribbon adorned with a pine cone print! I love it when these things just fall into place, don't you?
Pine Cone Petal Napkin Ring

I cut the cardboard tube into equal sections (the width of the ribbon). I then glued the ribbon to the cardboard tube using Mod Podge. While that dried, I deconstructed a few pine cones to make my petal flowers. I decided to leave the pine cone petals natural  but painting them is an option, as well as decoupaging them with tissue paper.  
Supplies - Pine cone ribbon, Mod Podge, Pine cones,
nippers and cardboard paper towel roll

I hot glued the petals to the ribbon-covered cardboard tube in a flower pattern. Once I had created the pine cone flower I took fall-colored (maize, purple, crimson, orange) beads and hot-glued them to create the center of the flower. I think, after looking at the pictures, I will paint the inside of the cardboard rings black just to dress them up a little more.
A set of  napkin rings with pine cone flowers
and beaded centers

They are rustic, yet with a little sparkle! That fits my style perfectly!  

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