The Shady Porch: "Pink For A Day" For Breast Cancer Awareness


"Pink For A Day" For Breast Cancer Awareness

I knew I wanted to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, Painting the Blog World Pink For A Day, but I also had some anxiety about what I wanted to say about it. For me, there are just some things that I have no words for and this is one of them. I get angry and want to vent and I know that is not the answer. Then I feel the tears and I fight that too, because it just hurts too much. So I am doing all I can, I am painting my little corner of the blog world pink today, because we must HOPE that any and ever effort will one day bring the answer we seek. 

To my precious friends and family...
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon of Hope by The Shady Porch
Feed Your Faith and
Your Fears Will Starve. -Lucado

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