The Shady Porch: Pumpkins, Mums & Scare-folks, Oh My!


Pumpkins, Mums & Scare-folks, Oh My!

#pumpkins #mums #scarecrow #decorations #fall #autumn #porch
Having some fun with fall!
For the past week, I have had the crafty mojo! I have my hot glue gun, Mod Podge, glass paint, pine cones, straw hats, jute, ribbon...(you get the idea) all around me and I am jumping from one to the other creating stuff (yep...stuff) to decorate our home and porch for this usually crisp, colorful season (although it's nearly 80 today).

I've already shared the pine cone flowered napkin rings and the door basket adorned with pine cone flowers and, today, I took it all outside and created what I hope will be a welcoming fall setting. Of course, I got the mandatory mums, and pumpkin and even took some of the dried corn stalks from the garden, but I kept thinking 'fall friends' and decided to make his and her mini scare-folks.

Scarecrow basics
It helps to have a little whimsy in your life to brighten the   day-to-day routine. Several weeks ago, I found some straw hats at the Dollar Tree, and I brought them home thinking I would use them to make some sort of fall craft. So when the scare-folks idea came up, the hats had purpose.
I formed the heads of my scare-folk from the straw hats  and I stuffed each of them with a towel and closed the neck on the scare-fella with a length of rope. To give the scare-gal pigtails, I just flipped the hat up, cut the brim into two parts, and tied each with a bandanna. I think she's a hoot! I made their eyes and nose with felt and then highlighted them with fabric paint. The scare-fella got some rope for hair and I took the third straw hat and cut it in half to make his hat and the other half was used to form her neck. 
Finally, I used a square dowel to create the body and a cross-piece of dowel to form the arms. I dressed them in seasonally appropriate flannel and set them up at the corner of the front steps to welcome guests. 

#pumpkins #mums #scarecrow #decorations #fall #autumn #porch
I call them Dixie and Flem Whimsy! 


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