The Shady Porch: Whimsical Floral Tubetop Centerpiece


Whimsical Floral Tubetop Centerpiece

I love a challenge, don't you? There's just something about being given a task, a deadline and a secret ingredient that puts a little zing in me! I am like a mad scientist, trying, scrapping and trying again...until I've made something.
It is really rewarding to finish the task, meet the deadline and use the secret ingredient, even though you might not be able to tell.  That was my goal this time, I did not want anyone to spot that the secret ingredient was toilet paper and paper towel rolls. 

Table Tubetop Vase Flower Centerpiece
Having been saving the cardboard tubes for some time now, I had plenty to work is a good thing I did. I definitely went through some trial and error before I was happy with my new flower arrangement and "vase." Yep, I made a 'vase' out of the various tubes. At first I went with Mod Podge and different papers of silver and gold but it looked like cardboard tubes covered in papers of silver and gold. I wanted my vase to look like one piece and not a collection of cardboard tubes all hot glued together and nothing ties parts together into one like paint.

Original vision of
tube vase
I debated on white and even wondered what the new Krylon Looking-Glass would look like on cardboard (if you've tried it, let me know!). At last, the nature of the design was somewhat affected by Nature. Any flower arrangement had to be artificial...since my outside flowers are nearly done for (it may frost tonight and finish the last zinnias.) Looking through my craft bins, I ran across some green, yellow, and orange plastic flowers I bought at Hobby Lobby last spring and instantly knew exactly what my look should be.

Tube vase painted
matte black
The flowers, large and sparkly with glitter, were set off by some beautiful gold accents that were in the same bin (thanks to my crafting fairy godmother!). Those choices being made, I opted to paint my tubetop vase a matte black so the flowers would pop and the vase would be a vessel and not the show. I also painted a plastic drip dish from a flower pot to use at the bottom of the tube vase. Then I hot glued the plastic flowers to real tree branches we had trimmed, dropped them into the various tubes and the work was done! Flower arranging made EASY via the vase!

I placed the arrangement on one of my gold chargers to help accent it since my kitchen table is also black. It matches my place mats really well and will look great until I switch things up again as the holidays approach. 

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