The Shady Porch: DIY French Script Shade: How To


DIY French Script Shade: How To

You might recognize the lamp...this past summer, I did a remake on this thrift-find pineapple lamp. I also did a decoupage remake on its original shade. However, I was never a fan of that style of shade so, when I ran across a deal on this self-adhesive shade, I snatched it up.
DIY French Script Lamp Shade #craft #DIY #copycat #decor
Pineapple Lamp with DIY French Script Shade
I knew when I bought the new shade that I wanted to make my version of the Ballard Design Empire shade with the French script. 
Ballard Designs - Script Empire Shade
To do this, I  removed the paper template that comes affixed to the self-adhesive lampshade, using it as my pattern to cut out my off-white cotton material (from an old bed skirt, I no longer use). The shade is already sticky when you remove the template paper, so all I had to do now was slowly wrap the material around the shade, smoothing out wrinkles as I went along.
Adhesive lampshade with paper template still attached.
Once the shade was covered in my fabric, I had to get words and symbols that looked similar to the French script on the inspiration shade. I used Power Point fonts to create the template I needed.  I printed them, cut them out and then, as you can see in the picture, taped them inside the shade so they showed through the translucent fabric.
DIY French Script Lamp Shade #craft #DIY #copycat #decor
French inspired words and/or fonts taped inside the shade.
Now it was just a case of tracing the words/symbols using my black Elmer's Painters marker. I did this until the shade was covered in words, phrases, and symbols. I love how it turned out and I think the lamp is so much prettier with its new shade! 

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