The Shady Porch: Peppermint Clothespin Wreath


Peppermint Clothespin Wreath

I'm now officially in Christmas  hyper-drive! In doing so, I have created a fine mess with boxes, bags, and bins scattered...well,... everywhere.

In the midst of all that, I sat, and immersed myself in  ribbons, markers, paint, and clothespins. Yes, clothespins!

While doing some clothespin crafts, I ran across a Christmas wreath idea. They (Craftiness Is Not Optional) used the clothespin wreath to display Christmas cards (Isn't that a great idea?) Since I had plenty of clothespins on hand, I thought I would make one too!      

Peppermint Clothespin Wreath
 Peppermint Clothespin Wreath
I created this candy cane clothespin wreath. I like the bright red and stark white contrast; it's a happy, festive color combination. I simply took a white Elmer's Painters pen to one side of the clothespin and when dried, I went back over it with red stripes. The clothespins are threaded onto a clothes hanger that has been rounded and the hanger portion cut off. 

I used bells to embellish the wreath and a Christmas HO!, HO!, HO! ribbon.

I like the playfulness of it and (in case you're wondering...yes, the clothespins spin on the hanger) the opposite sides of the clothespins have been painted metallic moss/pearl green alternating with silver. I will probably share the reverse side at a later date, since I have to switch out the ribbon when I display that side.  I know it's a little wacky having a reversible wreath but the other side seemed so bare and. since it wasn't going to show when hung on my door, I decided a  completely different look would keep this wreath in my rotation even after the holidays are a warm family memory.

I hope you have a HO! HO! HO! holiday season!