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Turkey Menu Chalkboard

Every magazine, catalog, and web site I've looked at has holiday preparations in full swing, and it's inspired me to get with the program! The other day, I jokingly (kinda) made a comment that there was no such thing as trash around our house anymore! ha ha! What I meant was that I wanted to make sure we looked at whatever we discarded with an eye toward giving it a second life! For instance, toilet and paper towel rolls, jars, bottles, etc. It wasn't long after that my brother brought in an arm load of scrap wood pieces and a cracked old pizza peel that I had tossed out of my kitchen, and, just as I had mentioned, asked if I could make use of any of it.

Turkey Menu Chalkboard by The Shady Porch
Turkey Chalkboard for menus, messages,  countdowns, or things you're thankful for! 
One thing, then another ran through my mind looking at those discards. At first some of the scrap shapes seemed to resemble rays of light, then, other times, flames. I had almost committed to another project that would have worked, but, today, as I was on Pinterest, I saw a framed menu board and the thought popped into my head “I need one for Thanksgiving.” My internal light bulb went off ... the scrap wood looked like tail feathers, too! The vision of the turkey menu chalkboard was born. ha ha!

I painted the pizza board with chalkboard paint to make his body and then attached wooden spools and stars to make his legs and feet. Since he would not stand (or sit!) on his own, I had to glue a block of wood on the back to allow it to sit upright. I added another chunk of wood to create his head and a scrap wood triangle for his beak. Then I made his hat out of an empty ribbon spool and a toilet paper roll and added a square white button for the "buckle." To add to the "pilgrim turkey" idea, I took 1/2 of a wood craft stick and painted it white and added 3 black buttons for his "shirt."

supplies for the Turkeu Mneu Chalkboard by The Shady Porch
Project supplies I started with...scrap wood,
 pizza peel, chalkboard paint

Finally, I found a red balloon and added it to his beak as his snood. (I had to look this part up…I always heard it called the wattle, but when it is above the beak, it is a snood! Learn something new every day!) The only chalk I had on hand was the big fat sidewalk chalk which does not lend itself to nice penmanship, but I think it's still legible. I think he is really playful and will be a great conversation starter, and cooking companion, during the Thanksgiving season.

Reflecting on this project, I realize how truly blessed I am, the simple fact that we have refuse to discard is a sign of prosperity!

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