The Shady Porch: #2 Pencil Clothespin Magnet - Teacher Gift Ideas


#2 Pencil Clothespin Magnet - Teacher Gift Ideas

#2 Pencil Clothespin Magnets by The Shady Porch
#2 Pencil Clothespin Magnets 
by The Shady Porch
There are oodles (actual mathematical quantities - more than batches, less than gazillions) of teacher appreciation gift ideas floating around, and as the wife of a high school teacher, I can testify that some are better than others..and my experience might help ensure that your Holiday teacher gift puts you at the top of the class. Teacher gifts are not common for upper-grade teachers; why do some folks forget that the teachers of older kids need our appreciation, too?  After a quarter-century with the hubby in the classroom, I have a strong idea of what teachers like and better yet what they need. I like giving gifts that fill a need...I think it makes the gift more memorable.

#2 Pencil Clothespin Magnets by The Shady PorchOne thing I know from working in the hubby's classroom is paper management is always an issue (and I'm not even talking about grading papers!) There are papers for before & after-school duties, emergency procedures, faculty phones numbers, etc. So any gifts to aid in paper organization would likely be appreciated. I know most of these type papers need to be easily accessible, so I made some clothespin magnets. I asked my teacher guy for ideas as far as decorating the clothespins and he suggested #2 pencils, how fun! So here's my interpretation of a clothespin #2 pencil. Standard wooden clothespins, with a coat of yellow paint, and some pencil-appropriate decorative features, and a magnet on the back create a fun, and practical, extra set of fingers that can hold notes or phone numbers or students' work on the board.

Cleaning/Sanitizing Supplies
from Corner House
Every district my hubby's taught in has allotted an annual budget for each teacher to spend on 'supplies' -which can range from teacher aids -books, software, subscriptions,  printer ink, white board supplies, etc. These budgets range widely, depending on the district and the current economic climate. That leaves day-to-day classroom needs like Lysol wipes for the desktops, Kleenex tissues, waterless sanitizers, paper, pencils to come from the teacher's pocket...or some extra credit points assignment (Hubby hates those!). My point is, although these are impersonal items, many teachers would certainly consider a gift kit with these items a blessing...because it keeps a little more jingle in their own pockets. 

Healthy Snack Pack
It is really understandable to want to give a food item, (it IS the holidays!), but unless you're sure they can eat it, food gifts are be problematic. If your teacher is diabetic or intolerant of nuts or dairy, or avoiding certain types of food, your good intentions will be for naught. If you aren't sure, may I suggest trail mix, Sun chips, or popcorn...or even a gift certificate to a local market or coffee house. One final note: any of these items would be appreciated, but don't break the bank. Appreciation shouldn't cost much.

Not to get preachy, but the best teacher gift is parental involvement. Studies do show that a factor in student achievement is linked to parental involvement. As students grow up, parental involvement that was really high in elementary and middle school diminishes. Despite eye-rolls and heavy sighs to the contrary,  big young-uns still like it when their folks show up at school events. My hubby has had too many Open House nights spent in his room waiting for ANY parents to attend. That may be the most personal gift of all.

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