The Shady Porch: Our Christmas Decorations & A Belated Thanks!


Our Christmas Decorations & A Belated Thanks!

I realize I have not shared much about our home since starting this what better time to start than with a tour of some of our Christmas decorations!
I added a hot glue design to these vases and then spray painted them silver. I then added the white branches and pretty green bulbs. The vases rest on either side of the television which is above the mantel and leaves very little mantel space. I did have enough room for some greenery and white pine cones.

It never fails that after you've taken the pictures, worked with them, and added them to your post; that you suddenly see some a branch of greenery that looks like it was thrown up on the mantel. haha 

All of the elements in this scene were gifts from various Christmases past. I love how they all work together to tell the Christmas story that we celebrate!

The hubby calls this my Whoville forest. haha! I hope to talk more about the making of these trees in a future post. One is simply white garland, another is a old gift bag, another is tulle and, finally, coffee filters.

Christmas floral arrangement on a living room table.

These three pictures (above, right and below) are from a shelf I have in the kitchen.  I have a mixture of silver and gold going on with these decorations.  
The center piece is the nativity candle holder and it is flanked by the star holding the bulbs and a sleigh and on the other side it's a pair of silver stars with a green starry tree (can also serve as a Christmas card holder).

This is a cone tree covered in green burlap and then adorned with gold ribbon and jingle bells. On a snowy gold tray and surrounded with a variety of pine cones and topped with a red velvet bow, it sits atop my recently made-over china cabinet.

All of the decorations have helped in creating a cheery Christmas atmosphere at our house! I love the new Glade Peppermint  spray too...if I'm not baking, it still smells festive!
Hopefully, I'll get to share my table scape, outdoor Christmas tree, pine cone tree, etc at a later date! 

A Very Belated Thank You!

Allow me a moment to thank Kelly from Eclectically Vintage and Jody from Homey Home Design for giving me a Liebster (the German word for friend or love) award. The award is meant to bring attention to up-&-coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
Thank You Kelly & Jody!
In case you are wondering I rec'd both awards over Thanksgiving weekend and didn't realize
there were two until I starting reading all my backed up holiday mail on 11/27. Now it has taken me this long to get my appreciation sorry :) Doubly blessed and very thankful!