The Shady Porch: Restyled Rustic Centerpiece for the Holidays!


Restyled Rustic Centerpiece for the Holidays!

There is ALWAYS a time crunch for the holidays at our house. It just doesn't matter when I start there is always 1 million things on my to-do list at the 11th hour. The hubby would tell you that the to-do list would be zero, if I would quit writing things down. ha-ha  I am a visual person and before I host an event I attend it in my mind and as I do so I write down what I have "to-do" to accomplish my vision. I hope that's not too weird but nevertheless, it's how I operate. 
Therefore, I look for time-savers and one of my favorite it restyling for the occasion! For instance, for Christmas I restyled two crafts that I did back in the fall and I thought I would show you the Fall version-vs-the new styled Christmas version. 

Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

Rustic Fall Centerpiece
The first craft project I restyled was my Rustic Fall Centerpiece. I used branches from a yard project and made a vase for the kitchen table. Well for Christmas, I painted the branches white/silver and switched out the flowers and tied red burlap around it! I think it looks as great for Christmas as it did in the Fall! 

The next project I restyled was the Red Burlap Game Day wreath. To switch the wreath from OSU game day mode to Christmas was easy!

I made the wreath with the intention of using if for other occasions (you'll probably see it again in February) and I simply took the football adornments and Yo-yo rosettes off and added a glittery silver poinsettia and plastic peppermint sticks with a new ribbon! If really brightens up the door and there is no mistaking that we celebrate Christmas!  

Did you restyle anything to save time or money for the holidays? If so, I'd love to hear what you did! Share your restyle tricks, tips and/or photos on The Shady Porch Facebook page!

Merry Christmas to All! 
God Bless You & Yours this holiday season!