The Shady Porch: Arty Vase of Button Flowers


Arty Vase of Button Flowers

My internal calendar has been messed up since the new year began! I have this weird feeling that Spring is upon us - and it's early January! I suppose it could be due to the unseasonably warm weather (high 50's & low 60's) lately, or that the hubby is starting track conditioning already, but whatever the reason, I've been wanting to do spring crafts!  Then I found a sweet spring flower button art wall project by Mondocherry on Pinterest that spoke to me!  (see below)
Vase and Flower Art made out of buttons by The Shady Porch
Vase of Spring Flowers 

DIY Wall Design with buttons by Mondocherry
DIY Wall Design with buttons
by Mondocherry
I decided to use an artist board that I already had painted black so the buttons would stand out better. I started with the vase, penciling an outline. Once I began attaching (hot gluing) the buttons on, I decided to add a heart to the vase. (Valentine's Day has been on my mind lately, too. I guess you could say this project was rather therapeutic for me!)  After the vase was finished, it was simply a matter of sorting buttons and arranging them and gluing them on. I worked right to left and I experimented with layering and button size as I moved from flower to flower. I wasn't trying to replicate any particular kinds of flowers; I just hoped that they would be discernible as flowers!  
Project supplies
Project supplies
This was a fun project that has just the right touch of springtime whimsy to carry me through the winter chill that I know will be along soon. I smile every time I look at it. I  hope you do, too.