The Shady Porch: A Field of Poppies - Newsprint & Crayons


A Field of Poppies - Newsprint & Crayons

I see so much that inspires me lately that I have trouble deciding what to do first. I like the newsprint canvas art that I've seen with the silhouette of birds or trees so I ripped up newspapers and decoupaged them to the canvas using Mod Podge. This all took place some weeks ago and time just slipped away and I got caught up in life and didn't finish it. 
Next thing I know the melting crayon art pieces attracted my attention and I thought I would try making something along those lines. When I went to get a canvas the only one I had was the newsprint canvas. So I've married the two and made something completely different. 

Art: A poppy field - crayons on a newsprint canvas by The Shady Porch
A poppy field - crayons on a newsprint canvas
With the newsprint background I felt that the red crayon would pop and that made me think of a poppy field and that's how I got started. I took my crayons and melted the end over a candle and then make my strokes on the canvas. It was back and forth melt crayon, stroke on canvas and repeat. Some strokes were chunky leaving a heavy amount of wax while others were merely a smear, which made it so interesting not knowing what was coming in each stroke!  I created the poppy blooms first and then added the stems. It looked good at this point, but I wanted to add the grassy field and cloudy sky. I created the field using various colors of green crayons and finally the horizon is white and graduates from light blue to dark. 

Art: A poppy field - crayons on a newsprint canvas by The Shady Porch
Just adding the white horizon at this point...
I did stage this shot so you could see the work in progress.
The burlap was thrown in to hide my keyboard and I was
petrified I was going to catch it on fire! LOL!
Once the poppy field was complete, I took my blow dryer and did a little melting and it really made the colors appear darker. I didn't want to make it runny or have it bleed, so I did very little with the dryer. 
I'm happy with the final piece and have to say that it was really fun! A neat benefit of the early newsprint treatment was the Mod Podge sealed the canvas and,  if I got a drip or something that didn't look right all I had to do was scratch it off and there was no evidence it had ever been there!