The Shady Porch: Hugs & Kisses Valentine Door Decoration


Hugs & Kisses Valentine Door Decoration

For Valentine's Day I decided to go with the age-old XOXO hugs and kisses sentiment. Regular visitors probably recognize the red burlap wreath by now...I've used it as a Game Day wreath (this post explains how I made the burlap wreath), and a Christmas wreath and, as promised, here it is again for Valentine's Day!  I'm pretty happy with the results!

Hugs & Kisses Valentine Door Decoration
Hugs & Kisses
Did you know there is some debate as to which symbol is the Hug and which stands for the Kiss? I thought I knew until I tried to verify it online and I just ended up confused! Do you think the X is for Kisses or the O? 

Some of the supplies I used - coffee
filters, paint sticks, white paint

Anyway here how I made my Hugs and Kisses door decoration.

To make the X, I took two paint sticks and rubber banded them into the X pattern. Then I took coffee filters and folded them into a triangle. Next, I folded the tip of the coffee filter triangle at a right angle and hot glued it to the paint stir stick. I overlapped the coffee filter tips as I glued them on. The last section to complete was the middle of the X and I simply filled it in as much as I could. 

Paint stir sticks rubber banded
 to form the X

Now I used my wooden hearts to embellish the Hugs & Kisses door decoration. I painted the wooden hearts white and then using Microsoft Power Point (PPT), I typed up the Hugs and Kisses and added some heart clip art. Then I printed the PPT slide on Grafix Rub-Onz transfer sheets  
(I was not compensated for this by the Grafix is just a product that I like to use!
creating a rub-on transfer. 

There are 3 steps to the process: 
  • print it on their transfer paper
  • add the adhesive sheet to the transfer paper in Step 1
  • finally rub it on (transfer) the surface (paper, chipboard, transparencies, glass, wood, & non-porous) you want  to embellish.
To finish, I used red tulle to tie the X and O together and again to hang it on the door. 

I hope your Valentine's Day is extra special and filled with Hugs & Kisses!

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