The Shady Porch: Porch Parade: Faves, Pins, Menus & Tips #2


Porch Parade: Faves, Pins, Menus & Tips #2

In case you missed it...last Sunday, I announced the new recurring post called The Porch Parade! Each Sunday, I will share the Rock 'n Share Gallery features from last week's linky party, my weekly menu,  my 2012 de-cluttering progress, and, finally, some of my favorite Pinterest pin(s)

Rock 'N Share Gallery
This week's Rock 'N Share had a wide array of projects! We really had something for everyone...Recipes, Makeovers, Tutorials, Sewing, Photography and Printables. I love the diversity displayed each week, so thanks to all for sharing your gifts and talents!  Now the most viewed posts of the week were....

Congrats Ladies!
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Dinner Menu for week of 2-20
Lasagna Soup
Less Mess = Less Stress...I believe this!! 
K-Cup storage dilemma
I am attacking the pockets of clutter that plague our home in 2012! I am not just cleaning up; I am finding solutions that will eliminate these problem areas for good! (fingers crossed!)
The problem I tackled this week was actually a new (and very nice) problem to have. We received a Keurig coffee machine for Christmas, and soon realized, with all of the coffee flavors we liked to have on hand, we were losing valuable counter space! This being February, you can see there was no rush to finding a solution. 

K-cup clean-up complete
I thought about making something to house the K-cups, or using something already on hand, but nothing arose to solve
the problem. Then one day, I saw a catalog item with slide out tray designed to sit under the Keurig machine. This required no additional counter space since it fit neatly under the machine exactly where  the coffee should be. However, I was not a fan of the $25 (plus $8 shipping) price. So, my quest changed... to find a similar solution, but for less $$. 
Just this weekend, we found a plastic drawer unit, almost like the catalog item. Before victory could be proclaimed, we had to address a few issues: 1. Could it hold the weight of the machine full of water? 2. Was there a danger of the plastic getting hot and compromising the stability (or worse, causing a fire?) and 3. Would it look good?  
Victory proclaimed! We painted the clear plastic drawer black to match the coffee maker and reinforced the top with a scrap piece of concrete backer board (also painted black) The  backer board serves two purposes - it stabilizes the top and separates any heat issues between the Keurig and the plastic drawer! Problem solved for a little over $9!  Sweet! (and it holds over 30 K-cups!)
Favorite Pinterest Pins of the Week!

"It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"  ~Mark Twain
Mr. Twain has diagnosed my symptoms, and now I know...I have Spring Fever! Although, winter never really arrived, I am pining for Spring and it is evident in my pinning! 

This picture single-handedly caused my fever to spike! This photo takes me back to childhood at my grandma's house in Florida! All of the wood had this gray weathered look and I can just see myself as a child sitting on this old log in her backyard, probably eating grapes from her arbor. I would love to have this old log in my backyard so I could sit, ponder and pray. I also love how the gray wood works as the perfect background to an explosion of flowers, that could even make a grumpy man (or woman...but most likely a man) smile.

Source: 9GAG via joe brady at Pinterest
I guess I'm a bit nostalgic as I share these pins because this photo of the flowers spilling down the hill (photo called Spilt Milk) makes me think of my Kentucky gran. She was a gardener - flowers, veggies, indoors, outside, hanging,... it didn't matter, she could make it grow! Nan would have loved this, and, had she seen this, would have likely done the same on her own hillside when I was growing up. I want to copy it myself...I have the perfect hillside! Now, I just need to find an old milk container and and a hollow log and I am ready to start my Spring! 

Are you pining for the winter that never arrived or are you ready for Spring?
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