The Shady Porch: Porch Parade: Faves, Pins, Menus & Tips #3


Porch Parade: Faves, Pins, Menus & Tips #3

I'm excited about sharing this week's Fav's, Pins, Menu & Tips! It's been a good week ( I hope you had a good week, too!) and here are all of the highlights!

Thank you to everyone that joined and visited the Rock 'N Share party this week. A theme that seemed to stand out on a couple of the most popular posts in this week's Rock 'N Share, were about money, specifically saving it or making $$. Most people will agree the need to save, and cutting back on spending is on every one's mind. (These were some of the first posts I read this week, too.) Of course, holidays are always popular, especially with a FREE printable for St. Patrick's Day, and, finally, the ever popular makeovers, this time using homemade chalk paint on several household items. These were this week's most viewed posts and are now in the Rock 'N Share Pinterest Gallery.
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Ten ( Legal ) Ways to Make Some Extra Cash from Your Home
by More Style Than Cash

St. Patrick's Day Subway Art Printable by Maiden D'Shade

I'm In Love With Chalk Paint (Before & After Pics) by Sherry's Bees Nest
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Dinner Menu for week of 2-27
  • Spaghetti - new recipe for the Cooking Challenge on March 7th!
  • Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches w/Crockpot Corn Chowder (new recipe)
  • Chicken Dumpling Casserole  *new updates*
  • Stuffed Burgers w/Baked Onion Rings
  • Soft Taco's w/Black Bean & Corn Salsa 
  • Breakfast or Homemade Italian Subs
  • Italian Pork Chop w/Steamed Veggies & Baked Potato

Chicken Dumpling Casserole

 De-Clutter & Organization Quest

A big reason for my organization quest to find solutions for my clutter pockets is my belief that it will afford me more time to do other things of my choosing. If I have to muddle through clutter to find what I need to finish a project, it eats up time. So this week, I attacked one of my biggest! My personal email account has been in operation with this carrier for some years now and as a result, I was receiving mail from sources I no longer wanted. Although I had rerouted many of these items to junk mail, I always felt like I had to review them before deleting and that takes time! So I had an afternoon of "UNSUBSCRIBE-ing."  I lost count, but I would say I easily did 15-20 unsubscribes and, on several more, I altered the frequency settings. Because many of the sources would send multiple messages each week, it is hard to say how many emails I will no longer have filling up my Inbox and Junk box each day/week/month, but I know that it will reap tangible time savings!

Another organizational task completed was an inventory of our chest freezer which will allow me to plan future meals around the harvest we still have on hand from last year. I try to coordinate the emptying of the freezer and the time of the new harvest.  I see fried apples, zucchini bread, homemade tomato sauce, stir-fry and slaw on our horizon, all made from produce of our last garden. 

Favorite Pinterest Pins of the Week!

I have so many pins I want to share with you that I had a hard time deciding this section. I am still in the flower and garden mode, but with a creative craftiness to it this week! The folks that imagined and created the Pinterest pins I'm sharing today are truly artists. I'm sure I've said it before, but nevertheless, I thank God for giving the gift of imagination!

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Dragonflies! When I grew up in Florida, I wasn't afraid of dragonflies the same way I was frogs and lizards. I had no problem catching the dragonflies to get a closer look; I guess that's why I still love them today. When I ran across these beauties, I wondered how I could incorporate them in my yard since I don't have a big wood fence for display (...I'm still pondering that one!). I really love the imagination that saw these dragonflies in discarded table legs and ceiling fan blades. I love the creativity!

Now for this next pin, if you looked quickly at the picture, perhaps you were as surprised as I was that these roses are made out of duct tape! They look stunningly realistic. I've made duct tape flowers before, but I now see that roses are the ideal duct tape flowers. I really think it's great that there is no need to remember to water these to assure they won't wilt.
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“With rushing winds and gloomy skies The dark and stubborn Winter dies:
 Far-off, unseen, Spring faintly cries, Bidding her earliest child arise; March!”  
 ~Bayard Taylor 

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