The Shady Porch: Porch Parade: Favs, Pins, Menus & Tips


Porch Parade: Favs, Pins, Menus & Tips

I said I would, and so I am... 

Welcome to the first Shady Porch Weekly recurring post, The Porch Parade.
Each Sunday, The Porch Parade will highlight four facets of my blog life in one, central location. First, I will announce the most viewed posts from the previous week's Rock 'n Share linky party. These weekly featured posts will still be added to the Rock 'N Share Gallery on Pinterest. My favorites of the week will still be featured on my Facebook page as well.

In addition to the Gallery features, I will include our Weekly Menu. I never felt like my menu choices warranted a post all their own, so it will be the second feature of The Porch Parade.

Next, I've been working on cutting clutter in 2012, so I will share my Clutter Reduction Tips during The Porch Parade. This will mean including some of my (shameful) Before & (so proud) After photos to document my de-cluttering progress! Be sure to let me know if these help (mainly so I will know I am not alone in my battle with junkiness!)


New Tray Turned Old Tray
by A Little Knick Knack

Congrats Ladies!
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Now for The Shady Porch Weekly Menu...
Now I can give you what's on the menu for the week, but I truly cannot say what day it will be prepared. I cannot lock myself down that tight or I start to know what I mean, right? I just have to go with what sounds good that day and run with it. Bottom line...I know that I have what I need to prepare these meals and therefore that's what's on the menu this week.

Dinner Menu for week of 2-13 

  • Cobb Salad with the Olive Garden dressing (new recipe)
  • Chicken Parmesan (new recipe)
  • Chicken Gyros
  • Homemade Pizza/Salad
  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • Italian Sausage Sandwiches
  • Salisbury Steak

My Clutter Reduction -  This weeks clutter reduction addresses a common aggravation: measuring cups/spoons. At one time I kept my measuring utensils in a drawer. The cups were held together on a ring, but once a cup was used, getting back ON the ring was unlikely and all of the loose cups cluttered the drawer. So I decided to keep my measuring cups and spoons on the ring on a magnetic hook under my range hood. Every time I wanted to use a one I would remove the ring from the hook and then the specific spoon/cup from the plastic ring. Maybe I just needed to exercise better patience, but I'll confess it really bugged me having to stop what I was doing to flip through those spoons, and thread it off the ring when all I wanted to do is cook! 

So to solve my problem...we stained 2 pieces of scrap wood, attached them to the underside of my kitchen cabinets (hidden, but perfectly positioned corner), and drove small finishing nails in a staggered pattern along the wood pieces and hung the measuring utensils individually. Now, when I want a specific spoon or cup, that is the ONLY ONE I need to mess with. (And I think they look cool.) Problem solved!

My Favorite Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week ....did you really think I could stop at just one?

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes 
by Cooking Light
This Pin caught my eye because of the title more than the picture. Most of our meals are home-cooked and I thought this Pin could help me be a better cook.  For instance, I was guilty of #23 - You pop meat straight from the fridge into the oven or onto the grill! Oops! I did not know or maybe I forgot, this causes the meat to cook unevenly! There are 40 Common Mistakes in this eyeopening post. Even if you've been cooking for ages, like me, this article is a great refresher course. 

I pinned this next pic because I am about to makeover my workspace (used for crafting, clerical, etc). My current space is a former closet and, although not unique, it is unusual so when I ran across this inspiring pic, I had no choice but to Pin it!  I will have makeover pics when I get the project completed...promise!

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