The Shady Porch: Sassy, Playful Valentine Decorations


Sassy, Playful Valentine Decorations

I crafted several Valentine's Day decorations to add some color and playful romance to the house. I think this is the only time of year I can get away with splashes of pink, polka dots and doilies around the house without hearing about it. Lol! We are gender neutral in our home decor which is usually fine with me.

I've already shared my Hugs & Kisses door decoration with you. I used my burlap wreath for the 'O' and crafted the 'X' using paint stir sticks and coffee filters. I wanted something other than a traditional wreath and I think this served well...greeting my guests with a Hug & a Kiss!
Basket of 'heart flowers' with the sentiment, "One hundred hearts 
would be too few to carry all my love for you."

Once I had the door decoration finished,  I faced a dilemma...I had a heart-shaped basket, made to be a door hanging, that was perfect for the season of love. Because of its design, it needed help to stay vertical, so I created a stand out of an empty cardboard ribbon spool. First, I cut a 'v' notch in it so the entire basket might be seen. Next, I hot glued pink stones to the spool to create a glimmering shell. Then, I painted the basket pink and filled it with 'heart flowers' made of felt and pipe cleaners. Finally, to the flower bunch, I added a dangling wood heart with the sentiment, "One hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

Pink & Polka Dots
Next, I placed a large, white 3-wick candle on a silver candle stand. I wrapped the candle in a pink and white polka dot ribbon and embellished the stand with a white paper doily and a stenciled wood sign declaring, "You Light Up My Life."

Valentine Subway Art board
Since I began blogging, I have created a subway art piece for each holiday, so, using the same steps used in the first subway art this Fall,  I created a Valentine Romance piece.  The Valentine clip art, the colors, and paper doily edging give a Victorian vibe to this heartfelt subway art board.

My final project was a homemade Valentine for my hubby (yes, he got his a little early this year). We had been discussing the ruckus in the news about the predictions of the end of the world coming Dec. 21, 2012, based on prophecies connected with the Mayan calendar. Not long after that discussion,  I thought of the following sentiment. 
"I'll Love You Till The End of Time...Oh, I Know Some Say That's Only Months Away... But Don't Worry Baby...You Will Always Be MAYAN (mine).

My cerebral logophile hubby - who is a hopeless punner - totally got it (declaring it "brilliant") and we have laughed about it numerous times since I shared it with him.  I couldn't have been happier with his response.

Happy Valentine's Day!