The Shady Porch: St. Patrick's Day Wreath made of Scarves!


St. Patrick's Day Wreath made of Scarves!

Late last year, a relative traced the Sexton name (my maternal family) all the way back to Dennis Sexton, who lived in Limerick, Ireland in 1524, so this year the St. Patrick's holiday is more meaningful to me.  I love genealogy research, especially due to the tidbits of information one can gather along the way. For instance, the research stated that most of the Irish Sexton men stood well over 6-feet tall. Our earliest descendants in America were makers of coaches and wagons. Fun stuff!

Being new at being Irish, and wanting to better understand the St. Patrick's Day celebration, I did a little research and found that St. Patrick's Day originated as a celebration of Christianity coming to Ireland. I also read that the shamrock was a tool St. Patrick used to teach about the Holy Trinity. I wonder if we have St. Patrick to thank for our family name. Sexton means 'a keeper of a church.' Anyway, after reading this, I could happily get on board with St. Patrick's Day.

So in celebration, I made a wreath for our front door. I found three scarves at the Dollar Tree to provide the seasonal color for a pretty wreath. Two had shamrocks on them and the other was brightly striped green and white.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I already had a oval grapevine wreath to use, so I covered it in velvet green ribbon so there would be no bare spots. Then I proceeded to hot glue the scarves to the ribbon-covered wreath. I fluffed and puckered the scarves until it appeared suitably full, then I added the green beads for a little sparkle. 

Finally, I cut petals out of green felt and assembled a flower by attaching the petals to a base circle of green felt, then I glued the flower to the wreath.  I already had the wooden shamrock and I just stenciled the word "Welcome" on it and hung it in the middle of the wreath. I used white tulle tied in a bow to hang it on my doorI love how festive it looks, especially now that I can really celebrate St. Patrick's that I am Irish!

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