The Shady Porch: Blog Tips - What I've learned in 280 days of blogging!


Blog Tips - What I've learned in 280 days of blogging!

I've seen many posts about blogging tips and they have been very helpful. I am still a newbie in my mind, but I am happy to say I have learned a great many things in the 10 months I've been blogging. I am going to share some things I've learned, and it could turn out I'm not doing it the best or easiest way. If this is so, I am all ears and eager to learn! Anything that could save me time is GREATLY appreciated! I am hopeful that the things I am about to share will help, encourage, or inspire someone else.  [This is the 1st in what I think will be a periodic series.]
Pretty plate of food but poor lighting (see glare from above)
The best tip I ever got was to use white dishes. Of course, if the food is white or light in color, use a colored dish. This doesn't mean the bowl or plate can't have a colorful design on the rim, but the center of the dish - where the food resides - should be white.

I'm still learning this part, but professional photographers use props. Props like dishes, utensils, flowers, and table linens are in the picture to give the illusion of actual dining. Less is more...use one or maybe two props because the star of the show is still the food. I've tried to incorporate a fork or spoon in my shots, and I've even tried to get a glass of milk or cup of coffee in the shot but, like I said, I'm still learning.

Here I have a fork for my prop. Notice the white plate
does not compete with the colors in my food. 
Unfortunately, again I have poor lighting (glare).
As with any photography, let the sun light the scene. "Never use a flash" is what I've read numerous times, and I can understand why when I look at my natural light photos versus my flash photos. Unfortunately, I'm not always ready when the sun is shining, so I am trying to learn to schedule photo shoots with my food. haha! I'll let you know how that goes. ; )
 I will tell you ... I've learned the best place for me to shoot anything is on my kitchen counter (next to a window) in the daylight hours. If the sun is too bright at that time I have blinds on that window that allows me to manipulate the amount of light coming in. I recommend you EXPERIMENT to find the best spot in your house to get the most natural light.

Name your pictures to specifically identify what is in the photo. In other words, don't let your camera name your photo 04016.jpg. Rename it to address the actual subject of the photo in terms that someone might use when doing a web search. For instance, if you have a photo on your blog with the file name 04016.jpg, it will not come up in a web search (unless someone used that number, perhaps?), but if your photo is of a pot roast and your photo file name is pot roast.jpg, the likelihood you will show up on someone's web search for pot roast is greater. This will increase your blog traffic.

Now that we are in the midst of the Pinterest craze, it is advisable that you add your blog name or logo to your photos. If your photos are pinned without the actual blog post link, including the blog name on the photo will enable a viewer to find your blog and the original post. Most photo editing software (many come on a CD with your camera) has the watermark or text capability. There are also online photo editing resources you can use!

 Happy Blogging My Friends!