The Shady Porch: Guest Bedroom: Makeover Update #1


Guest Bedroom: Makeover Update #1

It's been a couple of weeks [Guest Bedroom" Makeover In the Making, dated 2/17/12] since I shared the fact that I was working on my guest bedroom. Progress on the bedroom has been slow, due to some unplanned detours. Once we took up the carpet and stained the hardwood, I liked the darker stain and decided to go for the same tones on all of the hardwood. So, we have since stained and poly'd the living room and hall (and that is no easy feat when you are trying to live in the space that you can't walk on!) The floors are now finished [Step 1 - complete!] and I am back to working on the guest bedroom. I decided not to do the gloss-on-matte paint technique to the focal wall since my latest plans for the wall decorations and the headboard would just make it too busy. 

Here is glimpse of the progress so far...
BEFORE [left-above] – this is the Before picture of the wall color which was a soft, light turquoise. This also shows the very ugly carpet that was here when we moved in.  The hope chest was my mother’s and I painted it the cream and gold years ago. Ironically, it’s original stain was a beautiful gray, which would look great in the ‘new’ room. 
AFTER [right-above] – this is the new wall color from True Value called Sustainable in an egg shell finish. 

BEFORE [left-above] This is a close-up of the carpet we removed. This was original to the house when we purchased it and, although we had previously removed the carpet from the rest of the house, we had skipped the guest bedroom until now. I will not miss it.  

AFTER [right-above] This is a better representation of the new wall color. The floor is a dark red mahogany with several layers of polyurethane. You can also see that I’ve made my comforter choice...I chose Manuscript by Martha Stewart (a closer view is here on Pinterest.)

[Above] This is a BEFORE shot of the bedroom with a glimpse of the furniture I had in the room. The old headboard was originally from a four-poster style bed-frame, but the foot-board has not been used for years. I have designed a new headboard, fabricated from former sliding closet doors. I plan to tie in the chest of drawers with paint, although I am still undecided about the color. What do you think - white or steely gray?

[Above] STEP 2 - This is one of the closet doors I am planning to turn into the 'new' headboard. I am going to add stripes of varying widths in black, gray, yellow and maybe some white. This door is considerably wider than the bed, so I am toying with the idea of creating a floating night stand-shelf on the each side using the surplus headboard as the backdrop. 

There is still much to do...finish the headboard, paint the bedroom furniture, begin work on the wall decor (I will share my thoughts on that in a future post). Unfortunately, I can't work on this exclusively, or I would be finished much more quickly! I'm still super excited about the project and am hopeful the final results match the vision I have!