The Shady Porch: Orange Julius Smoothie...a blast from the past!


Orange Julius Smoothie...a blast from the past!

Like most all girls, I loved going to the mall! One of my favorite  stops at the mall was the Orange Julius store where you could get that wonderful cold, frothy, orange goodness! It was refreshing and delicious, so when I ran across the 'Perfect Orange Julius Smoothie' recipe at, I was hooked! 
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Cold, Frothy, Delicious, Orange Julius

My hubby eats 2-3 oranges at a time, so I knew he would love this too! We hooked up the blender and whipped up this treat in little time. It was as good as I'd hoped and remembered, it would be! It's very reminiscent of the Orange Julius at the mall, except it's a smoothie. Whether you're familiar with Orange Julius or not, I think you'll enjoy this refreshing goodness in a glass.

Concentrate, Ice & Splenda

Orange Julius Smoothie - Serves 3-4
1 cup of milk (your preference - skim, 2%, etc. )
1 cup cold water
3-4 T. Sugar or Splenda
1 t. vanilla, if desired (I'm omitting this next time)
4-5 ice cubes (we used more)
12 oz frozen orange juice concentrate

Put it all in the blender and mix until the ice has been crushed and the mix is smooth and frothy!