The Shady Porch: Porch Parade: Tips, Menu, Pins & Faves #5


Porch Parade: Tips, Menu, Pins & Faves #5

De-Clutter & Organization Quest
Tip of the week - sort the clutter to be better organized!
This is the area I de-cluttered this week. This area is on my work desk. I do everything from this space. My hubby is a teacher, so I help with grading (when I can, I help create PowerPoint presentations, and unit research.) I budget, meal plan, and coupon clip for our household. This is also the space for all of my crafting and blogging activities, too. Clearly, it is a busy little spot. It's located in a converted closet and is slated for a makeover (yay!) as soon as I finish our guest bedroom.  As you can see, I allowed my papered-oat container to become a catch-all and it was overflowing! So...

The can cubby took all of the clutter and
I still have room to add more cans if needed!
I decided to make a coffee can cubby so I could sort my various markers, pens, pencils, and highlighters. I also was able to house the miscellaneous crafting items like scrap- booking scissors, files, and jewelry pliers in the largest can! I'm very happy with the change since it's sorted and I now just go to the can with paint pens or highlighters rather than digging for it in the mess I had before! If you notice, I still have as much desktop as before, but, because I can see what I need when I look for it, I'm operating more efficiently now!
To make this can cubby, I used 1 large and 2 small coffee cans as well as 2 large soup cans and 2 smaller cans. Some of the cans were spray painted with Krylon Citrus Green and the remaining cans were covered in burlap. To make the cans into one unit I simply hot glued the cans together. It's really pretty sturdy! 
The only word of caution is make sure your cans have clean edges so no one gets cut!  

Dinner Menu for week of 3-12

Grilled Brats w/Sour Kraut
Stuffed Sole w/Baked Potato & Steamed Veggies
Pasta Puttanesca w/Garlic bread & Salad
Cheeseburger Macaroni & Cheese (new recipe)
Baked Teriyaki Chicken Thighs
Chicken Tamale Pie (using Jalapeno Cornbread as crust)
Calzone Roll


      Baked Calzone Rolls
      Favorite Pinterest Pins of the Week!

      Source: Hungry Happenings by Adele Smith on Pinterest
      This awesome beach ball pizza  caught my eye immediately! First glance, and I immediately thought..."YUM!" What a pretty display of fresh fruits! This enticing fruit pizza is from Hungry Happenings! The crust is a giant Pillsbury sugar cookie topped with a lemon cheesecake mousse (recipe at the link provided).
      The Hungry Happenings site has a great tutorial on how to make this wonderful fruity pizza with a ton of photos to go with it! I can't wait to make this pizza for my family!

      Source: Greatist! - by The Shady Porch on Pinterest

      I found a new web site that is full of useful information regarding fitness, health &'s called Greatist!  The  information I was interested in appeared to come from sound sources, and I really found inspiring, practical information! Some examples, 80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, and  88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories.   Although there are some things on the site I am not into, there are plenty of links to good info...if you're willing to sift through the site!

      Rock 'N Share Gallery

      This week's Rock 'N Share featured signs of Spring! I loved all of the flower posts, St. Patty's Day decorations, and all the great recipes shared ! There were great posts on saving money, having a better blog, as well as the lovely sewing projects and makeovers! Thanks to everyone that shared their talents!

      The Rock 'N Share party projects that had the most page views this week, and are now entered into the Rock 'N Share Pinterest Gallery are....

      My New Cosy Corner! by Knot All That I Seam  [Photo - Left]

      More Re-use of Porcelain by AV Susanne [Photo - Center]

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