The Shady Porch: Bird Cabin aka Bird House - Earth Day Challenge


Bird Cabin aka Bird House - Earth Day Challenge

Earlier this week I noticed we had a bird nesting in our gutter. This was the inspiration for today's Earth Day Challenge project. Since that is not the ideal spot to nest, I decided to give any other wanna-be-momma bird a better option for her and us.  So I took a coffee can and some of my newly acquired pallet wood (from a dumpster) and started the design phase...that didn't take long.  I didn't think the term bird house fit due to the quick construction and the rustic weathered wood so I opted to call it a cabin (cab·in- A small, roughly built house). I thought the definition fit perfectly.

There wasn't much to do to make it, basically building a structure around the coffee can. The base piece is actually a scrap of hardwood flooring and the walls and roof were made using the pallet wood.  The roof is caulked and double layered to help keep the weather from reaching the can itself and hopefully it will stay dry as well as high.
Bird Cabin in progress
I think the pallet wood works perfectly for this purpose since the weathered wood blends in wonderfully once it's placed in the tree. I had to add a little personality to the new bird cabin so I made a stenciled sign stating, "A Sweetie Tweetie Lives Here."  At least I'm hoping we'll have occupants before too long.

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