The Shady Porch: Porch Parade: Tips, Menu, Faves & Pins #12


Porch Parade: Tips, Menu, Faves & Pins #12

Operation Organization - Tips

Magazine Reed Picture Frame

Early in my Operation Organization project, I canceled unwanted catalogs, junk email, and magazines. I still get a couple of catalogs in the mail and they tend to stack up if I am not diligent to rotate in the new and throw away the old. Recently, I intentionally held on to a couple back issues to see if I could put them to use. (Earth Day Challenge, still on my mind, I guess) Anyway, I ran across a project at Craftstylish that used magazines (I am using catalogs) to make paper reeds and then you can use the reeds to make boxes, cover picture frames or oatmeal canisters. I am not going to do a full tutorial; I'll just refer you to the Craftstylish tutorial I used in the event you want to give it a try. It was a fun project, and it really didn't take all that long once I got the hang of it.

I had some beginners issues like trimming the edges but all-in-all this is a fun craft that younger ages could easily do too.

First I ripped the pages out of the catalog. Then I folded the pages in half and started rolling them up on the skewer and gluing them.

I chose to cover one of my Dollar Tree picture frames that I had on hand. I have a picture from a high school basketball game during the West Virginia Class AAA tournament. My cousin's a senior at Hedgesville and his team won the state title. I am making him a dorm room gift bag for a graduation gift, and this game picture made the sports page of the local paper so I'm putting it in the new magazine reed frame and adding it to his gift bag. That way he can have it out in his dorm room and folks can ask about it and it won't seem like he's bragging. haha!

Photo-left - The Dollar Store Frame and the rolled magazine reeds.
Photo-center -I started at the corners of the frame first.
Photo- right - Here is the frame about half way finished.

The project used a little over half of the catalog (approx 100 pgs) I had. As the tutorial instructed, I ripped out each page, folded it in half, and, using a kebab skewer, I rolled up the page and glued it to itself so it wouldn't unfurl. Then it was just a matter of trimming and adding it to the frame. Once I had them attached, I gave it a Mod Podge finish. I think it looks much more interesting than the original black frame. It kinda reminds me of the Partridge Family bus...kinda funky...but kinda cool. haha!

**Remember magazines can be donated to nursing homes, women shelters, hospitals, and schools**

Dinner Menu for the Week of 4-30

  • Twice Baked Potato Casserole & Crunchy Garlic Chicken
  • Fish Wraps & Slaw
  • Stuffed Burgers
  • Salad & Garlic Breadsticks
  • Loaded Baked Potatoes
  • Homemade Pizza
  • Italian Sausage Sandwiches

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