The Shady Porch: Spring Wreath - Paper Napkin Flowers


Spring Wreath - Paper Napkin Flowers

 I started this Spring Wreath in February and it kept getting pushed aside for other things... and then Spring arrived, and I still had a naked door! Egad! Well, I can happily report that my door has been appropriately decorated for a couple of weeks now, so I thought I would show you what I made. It was a new thing for me!

I made paper napkin flowers! I've seen scads of posts and tutorials on how-to make flowers using everything and I really liked how the paper flowers looked delicate like a real flower, so I chose to use paper napkins to make mine. 
Colorful Spring Wreath - Paper Napkin Flowers
Welcome Spring...Welcome Friends!

My wreath is a mix of two different styles of flowers. I'll show you how I made what ended up being my favorite flower by the end of the wreath. I used napkins that I purchased at the Dollar Tree and some I had left over from another, now forgotten occasion. 

folding the paper napkin

To make the biggest flower on the wreath,  I folded the napkin like you would if you were making a fan. 

adding a wire to the middle fo the folded paper napkin

Then I attached floral wire in the middle of the napkin. 

 peeling the napkin layers toward the center where the wire was attached
Next, I started peeling the napkin layers toward the center where the wire was attached. First, one side and then the other, until the flower had bloomed! 

hold the wire -pull the napkin flower up and I squeeze it tight then re-fluff until you like the flowery look

Finally, holding it by the wire, I pull the napkin flower up and I squeeze it tight. Then I re-fluff it until I like the look. This process crinkles the paper more and makes it appear more realistically flower-y.
Once I had my flowers finished, I trimmed the wire ends off and hot glued the flowers to a  grape vine wreath I already had on hand.

Finally, I had a wood banner from an old wreath that read "Welcome Friends" and I decided to add it to my wreath. Of course, I had to spruce it up a little first! I freshened the paint with colors that matched my paper flowers and it looked great. [There was nothing I could do about the crack in the wood, but I didn't think it mattered that much anyway.]

wood banner from an old wreath that reads "Welcome Friends"

This project really did not cost me anything except a dollar for the napkins and that was some time ago. I don't usually use pastels, but I love how this wreath captures Spring for me...bright and cheery! 
Spring Wreath - Paper Napkin Flowers

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