The Shady Porch: Swiffer Duster Box - Earth Day Challenge - Tuesday


Swiffer Duster Box - Earth Day Challenge - Tuesday

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Today, for the Earth Day Celebration Challenge, I plunged into the refuse pile and brought up a Swiffer Duster Box. I was surprised to find that these boxes have a plastic coating inside that make them much nicer than ordinary boxes. I tried to think of something that would benefit from this feature but fell short. I think it would definitely be moisture resistant but probably not waterproof. The bottom line is they are much nicer to use than most empty boxes!

The next feature that attracted me was the size of the box. It is compact and basically perfect for a desktop function, which is exactly what I decided to use it for. We have three desks in operation in our home so we can always use a little help to keep them organized.
Swiffer Duster Box -inside & out

Front of box is cut now measuring and marking the sides
My first step was to cut the front of my box to the height I wanted. Then measure the angle up on each side and mark it so each side would be the same. Once I had the sides measured and marked I cut them out too using a box cutter. Finally I made the cut across the back so now my box was cut in two pieces. 
Cut top section in half

insert top section to create divider

The smaller top part that I removed was then cut in half to create the center section. I turned it upside down and inserted inside the larger box. I taped it into place along the bottom and sides. Now I had a sectioned desktop organizer!

The only thing left to do was decorating it! You can paint, paper or use fabric. I decided to cover mine in scrapbook paper using Mod Podge. I liked the black and white papers so I used herringbone and stars to cover my box. I had some extra Yo-Yo rosettes from a previous project so I added them to give it a finishing touch and again my trash has turned into a beneficial long-term desk organizer...that's really cute too!