The Shady Porch: DIY Metallic Makeover 6-Drawer Chest


DIY Metallic Makeover 6-Drawer Chest

Today I thought I would share some of my guest bedroom makeover. It's a project I started last year before I went on my sabbatical (Guest Bedroom...Makeover In the Making and  Guest Bedroom: Makeover Update #1) and will not be completed for some time yet if I do all the projects that I have on my makeover dream-wish board.

DIY Metallic Makeover - 6-Drawer Chest
I decided to refinish the furniture in my guestroom and shortly thereafter I actually won a tutorial that helped me achieve the look I wanted. Lucky me! I am so happy with the results! As you can see from the "Before" picture, the dresser was a traditional wood tone and I've now transformed it into this beautiful, chippy metallic gray. I won the How-To tutorial for the metallic stain makeover back in February 2012 from Jodi at Cottage Charm Creations and I am so glad I did!

Here is the BEFORE picture of the 6-Drawer chest. 

[BEFORE] 6-drawer chest

Below is another AFTER photo of the chest. The tutorial was very helpful and this being my first time using it, I am pleased! It is a multistage process, so I will refer you to Jodi's tutorial, if you're interested in doing your own DIY metallic stain makeover. 
[AFTER]  6-drawer chest

I didn't darken my piece as much as the tutorial did, I just wanted it to highlight the crooks and crevices and maintain the lighter shade of gray.  It's all a matter of personal preference anyway, right? I liked the way the furniture now lightens the room and adds to the depth of the color story I was trying to tell. It's not easy work, but it's surely worth the effort. If you're interested in seeing the tutorial of the Zinc Patina process visit Jodie at Cottage Charm Creations.

I didn't realize how 'In Vogue' my metallic bedroom was going to be when I started it months ago but I received my HGTV Hottest Winter Trends email today and was tickled to see Sparkling Metallics on the list! You'll get to see more of my metallic makeover in future posts!