The Shady Porch: Shamrock Crafts for St. Patrick's Day


Shamrock Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

This time last year, I had just learned my family has an Irish heritage. As a result, I had a new interest in the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, so I decorated the house by making a wreath for the door, and a few table-top decorations to mark the occasion.

This year, I made a new shamrock wreath for the door and a shamrock string art piece.  Both projects took very little time or money. The wreath is comprised of Dollar Tree items and the string art is scrap wood, and nails I commandeered from my hubby and nylon string I already had on hand.  Check 'em out!
Shamrock Wreath by The Shady Porch
Shamrock Wreath

I reused the wooden Welcome Friends banner from a wreath I made last spring...with a few modifications, of course. Then I wrapped a grapevine wreath in green velvet ribbon and  hot glued the Dollar Tree shamrocks to the ribbon. I used white tulle to make a hanger and that was all I needed to make this simple, yet friendly, door wreath! 

Shamrock String Art by The Shady Porch
I am just learning how to do String Art (this is only my second attempt), but I find it to be fun and would eventually like to get into more intricate designs. However, for St. Patrick's Day I thought a piece for a table top display would be nice. 
To begin the project, you need a foundation. I used a 12x12 piece of 1/4 in. plywood that's been painted black. Next, I found an image to blow up and print for a template for the  outline I will trace with nails. Once the nails are in place, all that is left is attaching the string from nail to nail. The only word of advice is to be sure you use nails with heads so the string does not slip off.  I tie the string to begin and end and I put a little hot glue on it to keep it from fraying or coming untied. Ta-dah! String Art!

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