The Shady Porch: Empty Oatmeal Containers Make Useful, Decorative Decor and more


Empty Oatmeal Containers Make Useful, Decorative Decor and more

At the last minute, I decided I could not let Earth Day pass without doing something to show my support. We are to be good stewards of all that we have been given....that certainly applies to home-sweet-home...Earth! 
Last year, I hosted an Earth Day Challenge which asked posters to take something from their trash and make something useful or pretty out of it! It was a fun week!
Today, I grabbed an empty oatmeal container from my stash of empties (holding on to "project materials" is NOT matter how many times the hubby tries to throw them away! :)) and started brainstorming. I landed on 'bathroom storage container' after I found that a large oatmeal container will hold two rolls of toilet paper. It could also hold brushes and combs, hair accessories, almost anything.
This is an easy project. I simply took some of my scrapbook paper and glued it onto the oatmeal container. I used tape to hold it down in strategic spots so that it could dry without curling up.Then it was simply a matter of embellishment to make it pretty as well as practical! I used complementary colors of scrapbook paper and a pink ribbon. The bathroom is not the only place that needs great, portable storage ideas. This could make storage for dog treats, small toys, kitchen accessories...the possibilities are wide open! It certainly is a project that you could get the kids involved with,  too!
Upcycled Oatmeal Container - Bathroom Storage by The Shady Porch
Make an empty oatmeal container into decorative bathroom storage (holds 2 rolls)
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