The Shady Porch: Spring has finally arrived - Flowers & Veggies pop up!


Spring has finally arrived - Flowers & Veggies pop up!

It seems like it has been a l-o-n-g time coming, but, now that it's here,'s lovely! The flowers are blooming, and the vegetable seedlings are about ready to go in the ground. I love this time of year. I enjoy watching the birds building their nests (I really love cardinals and we have several couples that live on our street!). We have a rascally squirrel that is alternately storing nuts in the lawn furniture and flower boxes while scattering broken shells of buried treasure that he has cracked open. And this year, we have a BIG puppy who is very interested in trying to eat those leftover shells (not good). Anyway, I thought I would share some images of our Kentucky spring with you.

From The Shady Porch!
Unfortunately we haven't mulched yet, so it's not as pretty as it could be!
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Purple Bearded Iris at The Shady Porch

Lilac Bush at The Shady Porch

Azaleas at The Shady Porch

Centaurea Bachelor's Button at The Shady Porch

Easter Lilies at The Shady Porch

I need a little help with this last flower....I can't remember what it is!

Unidentified Early Spring Orangish-Yellow Blooms at The Shady Porch
Can you identify these pretty flowers? I would love to know what it is!
Strawberries and Leaf Lettuce from The Shady Porch

Cucumber, Corn, Half Runner bean seedlings at The Shady Porch

Here's a glimpse of The Shady Porch last spring too!