The Shady Porch: Best 7 Pasta Recipes - most popular!


Best 7 Pasta Recipes - most popular!

Most Popular Pasta Recipes #easy #pasta #chicken #healthy #best
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We love pasta! It is on the menu on a regular basis because it is delicious, easy to prepare, and inexpensive. Now, you can even purchase low-carb pasta for those that have health concerns. I have many pasta recipes, and I've shared several of them with you, so I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the most popular pasta recipes were. I think you might just find some new favorites in the bunch for your family! Godere! "enjoy" in Italian

Most Popular Pasta Recipes

A bowl of creamy crumb-topped Macaroni & Cheese
This cheesy, creamy, crunchy, baked mac and cheese is prepared with several varieties of cheese and tastes, in the words of the hubby, "Boo-Yah!"

A bowl of Chicken and Bacon Carbonara... a delicious pasta dinner.
The ingredient list of this family fave reads like a happiness all-star team - cheese, eggs, bacon, ... well, after bacon, what else do you need?
  Pasta Carbonara with Bacon and Chicken

A delicious cheesy pasta casserole...Velveeta Mostaccioli
This meaty party-on-a-fork is both easy to prepare and easy to enjoy!

Velveeta Mostaccioli...a longtime family favorite

A bowl of Pasta with Garlic Cream Sauce & Chicken
This light and delicious dish will satisfy even the heartiest appetite!
 Pasta with Garlic Cream Sauce & Chicken

A delicious Cheesey Smoked Sausage Pasta dinner!
The cheesy goodness of the rotini and the savory flavors of smoked sausage
really come together in this delectable dish.

Cheesy Smoked Sausage Pasta with a spicy kick!
A bowl of Lasagna Soup for those nights you need an easy-to-make dinner.
If you ever thought lasagna was too hard to make or too complicated for you, this really flavorful soup will change your mind for certain.
Lasagna Soup
A big plate of Creamy Cheesy Ham Pasta
Recipe for family dinner success - pasta + meat + easy prep = winner!

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