The Shady Porch: Summer's Bloom - more Flowers & Veggies!


Summer's Bloom - more Flowers & Veggies!

It was Springtime (May) the last time I gave you a tour of the flowers and veggies at the Shady Porch. Now that summer has arrived, we have new blooms and, with some harvest coming in, I thought a summer tour would be nice! 

Goblin Blanket Flower from The Shady Porch #garden #flowers #gardening
The Goblin Blanket flower is also known as Arizona Sun and it attracts butterflies.

Gladiolus from The Shady Porch #garden #flowers #gardening

Gladiolus - also known as the Sword Lily. It's part of the Iris family.
Green Envy Coneflower from The Shady Porch #coneflower
The color intensifies into a jade - magenta combination as the flower matures!

These small succulents work best in rock gardens and containers.

Rising Sun Coreopsis from The Shady Porch #garden #flowers #gardening
Also known as  'Tickseed' because its seeds resemble the bug. 

Wildflowers from The Shady Porch #garden #flowers #gardening 

Notice how loaded down the apple tree is! We should have plenty for pies, cobblers, frying and sharing!

Here are a few shots of the veggie garden. We've harvested a couple cucumbers, zucchini and squash so far. Can't wait for the harvest to come pouring in...lots of new and old recipes I want to make! 

Early Summer Squash #garden #vegetables #gardening
Vegetable garden #garden #vegetables #gardening

This is the lower half of the garden. As you can see our garden is on a slope which is a challenge at times. Here you see beans, corn, tomatoes, cabbage, sunflowers, squash and zucchini.

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