The Shady Porch: 10 Fall Flashback Projects: Decorations & Recipes


10 Fall Flashback Projects: Decorations & Recipes

With the end of August upon us and the days of summer waning, I've been thinking of all the wonderful things about Fall. I love football season and game day parties; I love that the decorations and food of the season are focused on natural things like foddershocks, mums, pumpkins, pine cones, and apples! So, while planning my newest Fall projects and dishes, I thought I would take us on a Fall Flashback tour. 

A Basket of Zinnias with Pinecone Petal Flowers

Jewel-toned Pumpkins
Creamy Peanut Butter Dip

Burlap THANKFUL Bunting

Fall Floral Cone Door Decoration

Pine Cone Flowered Napkin Rings (cardboard tube project)


Fall Subway Art Pumpkin

Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Sweet and Spicy Chili Recipe

 My Scare-folks...Mr. & Mrs. Whimsy
Whimsical Floral Tubetop Centerpiece
Well, I am excited about this Fall and the plans that I've made, and I hope you'll stop back by to see the results!  Psst! I know the title says Ten, but I slipped in a spare.